How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths?

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ImagePantry moth is one of the dangerous species of moth society. Whenever you see one pantry moth is flying around you, be sure there waiting thousands pantry moths very near to the spot. Thousands of moths are in various state of their life cycle, like egg, larvae, and pupae. So, it’s time to be careful. Today I will discuss about How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths naturally, using moth traps and some other important issues.

How to Identify Pantry Moths Infestation?

It is very important to identify the infestation as early as possible. Early identification reduce the use of time, money, and work. The most common sign is flying moths. If you see any flying moth then immediately start finding the other members at such places which are potential for pantry moth infestation. You should check the food storages, and the edges of cupboards. You should check regularly to those potential places.

Getting Rid of Pantry Moth

Keeping clan and staying clean is the most common practice of getting rid of pantry moth. If you find them into any food container then just dump it under the soil or put that into a garbage bag and tie the bags opening carefully, so that no moth can escape. Then put it into the garbage container.

But, if you are unable to identify the infested location then try to find out them in the following ways.

  • You have to inspect every package of food, bags, box, and even the sealed containers properly.
  • Then check kid’s macaroni art, dog biscuits, pasta, dried flowers, candy bowls, and containers like those.
  • Rims of can is big enough for moth pupa. So you should check all the container and can’s rims properly.
  • Shelving liners may also be a good habitat of pantry moths. Sometimes they lay eggs underside of wire shelving.
  • You should use vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors, edges of walls, door rim, and places like those.
  • Occasionally wash those places with any pesticide mixing with water for controlling them.

Get Rid of Pantry Moth Using Pheromone Traps

Pheromone traps are very effective for controlling pantry moth. One kind of super sticky glue board is used in those traps and a pantry moth pheromone smell is used for attracting the moth. In nature the female pantry moth use that pheromone for attracting the male while mate. It is very effective because that trap kills males who are ready for breeding.

Control Pantry Moth by Freezing

Pantry moths cannot survive under freezing point. After bringing any food to the house we should keep it into a plastic container and keep that into the refrigerator at least eight hours. This will kill all the pantry moth. Then removing that container form the refrigeration we can store that normally into the plastic container.

Pesticides for controlling Pantry Moths

I think we should not use pesticide for controlling pantry moths until the infestation is very saver.  Because they live into our food and direct use of pesticide may be very harmful for us. If we use pesticide for getting rid of pantry moths than we will have to dump all the food. That should be the last step for controlling pantry moths.


One thought on “How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths?

    pestfira said:
    March 26, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    Proper selection of pesticide for controlling pantry moth is very essential. Because, they live within our food. So it is the matter related to our health. Effective moth control products can make the job quite easier.

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