How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

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Are you facing problem dealing with carpenter ants? They might be contentiously destroying your loving wooden furniture in front of your eyes. But, you are unable to stop them. Do not worry about it. Today I will discuss about carpenter ant’s details, some useful products, and some effective techniques for controlling that tinny gladiator. Let’s start terminating carpenter ants form our house completely.

Physical Description of Carpenter Ants

Scientist call this ants as “Camponotus species”. They are the one of the largest member of ant species. They are black in color, and very few of them are reddish brown. Their length varies form ¼” to ½”. They have a pair of elbow angle antenna on their head. They have even round thorax and only one node on their back. Were, all most other species of ants have more than one node. They also have two pair of wings on their backs. Four wings have not equal length. Front pair of wings are quite longer than the rare. This sign helps distinguishing carpenter ants from termites.

Where They Love to Live?

Carpenter ants can make hive both inside and outside of your wooden structure. You may identify them into any type of wooden structure in your house, tree stumps, piles of wood, unused landscaped woods, and any type of moist and rotten woods. They love moist woods for making nests.

They use many satellite nests around the base nest, which are very near to the food and water sources. Our kitchen and bathroom is a great source of water and foods. So, it is very possible to identify satellite nests around kitchen and bathroom.

They also like cracked wood for making nest. They at first enter into the wood through that crack and then start creating tunnels for making nest.  So, if any one see some winged carpenter ants around any crack on wood, then he/she should inspect that place very carefully. This is a sign of have a nest into or near that crack.

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

Getting rid of carpenter ant is really very difficult. A lot of knowledge and practical experience is required for controlling carpenter ants infestation. Don’t worry, I am going to introduce you with some effective methods of controlling carpenter ants.


  • Eliminate Moisture Sources: Carpenter ants are mostly attracted by moisture. We should try to remove unnecessary water sources like leakages of water lines. Also we should try to keep clean and dry our kitchen sink and bathroom after using, mainly at night.
  • Sealing Cracks on Wooden Furniture:  Cracks on wooden surface attract carpenter ants for infesting. There have crack sealing material in hardwire shops. So, make sure all the cracks are sealed properly.
  • Remove Unused Wooden Materials: Unused landscape wooden materials also attract carpenter ants very much. Naturally all those types of woods are rotten and moist. So, we should remove that type of woods form our house.
  • Eliminate Food and Water Sources: Carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites. They eat sugar and protein. Their main attractions are those sources in our house. We should keep those types of foods into sealed container, so that they cannot reach to those food. Another major attraction is water source. By removing those sources we can discourage them from making nest into our house.
  • Boric Acid and Sugar Mixture: Boric acid and sugar mixture is very effective for controlling carpenter ants. Make a 1:10 mixture of boric acid and sugar, and spread the bait around the infested areas. Then the worker ants will carry the mixture to their nest and eat altogether. This action will kill all the ants along with their queen. Which is the reproductive member of the hive.
  • Hot Water: You can also use hot water for killing carpenter ants. Enlarge the opening of the hive and the pour boiled water in to that. You may use any cone for pouring boiled water safely into the hive.
  • Vinegar and lemon juice mixture: Vinegar and lemon juice mixture is really very effective for controlling ants. Make a mixture of a cup of vinegar and juice form a couple of lemon. Then spray the mixture on the infested area.
  • Remove Infested Wood: If you identify the infested wood is not very important and/or a small structure, then remove the structure form your house.


After taking sufficient precaution and using the methods described above you will get rid of carpenter ants. If still you have problem with carpenter ants then use chemical baits. You will find lots of pesticides used for controlling carpenter ants in public pesticide shops. I am listing some name of good pesticides used for controlling carpenter ants.

List of Pesticides

  • Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Kit
  • Carpenter Ant Complete Kit with Termidor SC
  • Carpenter Ant Complete Kit with D-Foam and Termidor SC
  • Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel
  • Advance 375A Select Granular Ant Bait – 8 oz
  • Advance Carpenter Ant Bait – 8 oz.
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